Equipment Warranties


One of the most important things about any large purchase, whether it be a vehicle, or equipment for your home, is the warranty that comes with it. No one wants to spend thousands of dollars on a vital piece of equipment for their home only to have something go wrong after only a couple of years or even months. In addition to the warranties offered by the equipment manufacturers, Montani Mechanical Group is proud to offer labor warranties through JB

JB Warranties can be offered on all HVAC, and Water Heating appliances sold by Montani Mechanical Group. Most manufacturer’s limited warranties do not cover labor, however, with the Premium Protection Plan, 100% of the labor charges associated with your repairs are covered for up to ten years. The only out of pocket expense that you might face with one of these warranties is for refrigerant. With a ten year labor warranty (on top of the 10-year limited parts warranty offered with any registered Ruud HVAC equipment), you will have a decade of peace of mind. You will know that no matter what might go wrong, Montani Mechanical Group has your back!