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Air Purifiers & Whole-Home Air Cleaners Remove Pollutants From Every Room Of Your Home

You already understand the harm that air pollution can cause if there is an allergy or asthma sufferer in your household. No matter how well-kept your home is, it probably contains harmful particles that can aggravate allergies and asthma and raise the risk of colds and the flu.

Through the use of air cleaners and a whole-home air purifier, Aprilaire can assist you in maintaining the quality of the air in your home. Aprilaire provides a range of air purifiers, each one created to assist homeowners in achieving the ideal level of comfort for their requirements.

Furthermore, unlike typical portable air purifiers, whole-home air purifiers are integrated into your home's heating and cooling system to remove polluted air from your entire house, not just from a single room.

Looking for Charleston and Southern West Virginia’s top air purifier, air cleaner, or air filtration system? You can reach Montani Mechanical Group by phone at (304) 470-4701 or online.

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How a home air purifier can Help

  • Allergies

Air purifiers and cleaners for the entire house can help reduce allergy symptoms. They accomplish this by removing a sizable portion of the irritant particulate matter from the airflow in your home. Pollen, dust, mold spores, smoke, and smog are the most prevalent airborne allergens in West Virginia.

The secret to improved indoor air quality is to select an air filter made specifically to eliminate the allergens that are the problem. The proper HEPA, UV, or ion filter selection can assist in removing everything from pollen and dander to dust and VOCs that are causing and aggravating your allergies.

  • Mold

In Charleston and all of Southern West Virginia, homeowners frequently experience issues with mold spores. Rapid and widespread mold growth is encouraged by the local climate. In order to prevent mold from destroying your home's indoor air quality, you should use whole-home air purifiers. Mold spores in the air are captured by a HEPA filter when used with it, preventing them from moving around the house. But this is just the beginning. To eliminate the spores and stop them from spreading, it is ideal to also use an activated carbon filter and germicidal UV-C light.

Regularly scheduling a thorough duct cleaning is another essential step in preventing mold issues. Because of West Virginia’s climate, condensation can accumulate on the duct walls, which encourages the growth of mold. A whole-home air purifier and air duct cleaning can work together to keep your house clean and fresh-smelling all year long.

  • Bacteria

Up to 99% of all bacteria in your home's air can be eliminated by an air purifier. You'll have more energy all day long and your health will significantly improve as a result. A whole-home air purifier is an investment that will pay off in better health for years to come if you have kids, pets, or frequently visiting guests. Whenever someone coughs or sneezes, whole-home air purifiers remove the bacteria from the airflow in your house.

Because it is unclear how COVID-19 will impact indoor air quality, our staff is happy to respond to your inquiries and assist you in selecting the best system for your residence and your family's requirements.

Indoor Air Quality FAQs

Should I leave my air purifier on nonstop?

It is perfectly acceptable to run an air purifier continuously because they are made to run continuously, seven days a week, for 24 hours.

Do AC filters have any significance?

Yes, air filters guard against indoor air pollutants, enhance indoor air quality and safeguard your HVAC system.

Do vent filters actually function?

The majority of vent filters are created to be less efficient than HVAC filters generally, but still strong enough to block larger debris, stop insects from entering and exiting vents, and make it simple to recover small objects dropped into a vent.

To learn more about the benefits a whole-home air purifier has to offer, contact the professionals at Montani Mechanical Group. Our technicians are prepared to meet all your air quality needs by offering you the best products and services. They are fully licensed, certified, and bonded.