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Your electrical panel is in charge of ensuring that your house has access to electricity as well as protecting it from short-circuiting, overloading, and even worse. The electrical system in your home depends on it, so only trained and licensed electricians in West Virginia should attempt to service it. Call the Charleston, Hurricane, Huntington, and Southern West Virginia electricians at Montani Mechanical Group if you want a team of experts to handle your electrical panel with the consideration and accuracy it requires!

Our electricians are qualified, authorized, and committed to giving customers the highest level of dependability and quality. We are the specialists you need by your side for dependable care, whether you're looking for complete electrical panel replacement and installation or straightforward repair and troubleshooting.

Contact Montani Mechanical Group online or by phone at (304) 470-4701 for electrical panel services in Charleston, Hurricane, Huntington, Southern West Virginia, or the surrounding areas.

No Electrical Job Is Too Big or Too Small

We understand the meaning of quality work that’s meant to last. We make sure to do it right!

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Any electrical panel won't do; you must choose your electrical panel with your unique needs in mind. In order to safeguard your house and maintain electrical access security, the installation itself must be carried out to exacting standards. Our specialists have completed countless panel projects in Charleston, Hurricane, Huntington, and Southern West Virginia, and we have the skills and equipment required to guarantee you receive excellent service. In addition to our 100% service satisfaction guarantee, every replacement service includes a manufacturer's warranty!


Our team never wants you to be left without lights or power, so in addition to our thorough panel safety inspection upon installation, we also provide comprehensive home electrical troubleshooting services. When you get in touch with our team, we'll quickly head your way and be prepared to assist you. As soon as the issue arises, we'll locate it and address it as quickly as we can using all of our knowledge and experience.

If you are going through any of the following, get in touch with us.

  • Many trips to the breakers.
  • Breakers not wanting to get back in.
  • Flashing lights.
  • Troublesome dedicated circuits on a regular basis.


  • When is an electrical panel overloaded?

When all of the active circuits' combined current draw exceeds the main breaker's rating, the electrical panel is overloaded. If you have a 150-amp service, you are not allowed to use more than 150 amps, roughly 10 15-amp circuits, or one 50-amp circuit plus roughly seven 15-amp circuits. If you frequently reach or surpass that rating, it might be time to think about upgrading your panel.


  • Where is the electrical panel located in a house?

In most homes, the electrical panel is placed in a secure, low-traffic area, like the basement, a utility room, or an attached garage. It is a good idea to keep the area around the electrical panel clear and to avoid blocking it wherever it is located so that it can be easily accessed in case of an emergency or blackout.


  • What causes a hum in an electrical panel?

A loose connection or a defective breaker may be to blame for a humming or buzzing sound coming from an electrical panel. For electrical repairs in either scenario, it's critical to call an electrician right away. For urgent electrical repairs, Montani Mechanical Group is open every day of the year, whenever you need us.


  • When a breaker trips, how can I tell?

Most breakers switch to a position halfway between on and off when they trip, and some may illuminate a red or orange indicator. Turning off and back on the breaker will reset it. It might be time to add a circuit, upgrade to a 20-amp circuit, or replace a broken breaker if your breakers trip more frequently than once per week. Call our team at Montani Mechanical Group for assistance.


  • Why will my breaker not reset?

A GFCI may have tripped in the circuit or the breaker itself may be defective if the power in a circuit remains off after a breaker has been reset. As one GFCI outlet may also protect downstream outlets, press the RESET button on all the GFCI outlets in your home. Contact our team at Montani Mechanical Group for a breaker replacement if the power does not turn on after doing so.

We want you to feel confident calling Montani Mechanical Group for electrical services because we're the top electricians in West Virginia. Courtesy, attention to detail, and a commitment to completely meeting your needs are the beginning and end of every service!

You can call (304) 470-4701 for emergency electrical service or contact us online right away to make an appointment!