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Electrical Replacement Services in Charleston

It's best to err on the side of caution when it comes to your home's electrical requirements. Families risk suffering serious repercussions, including a higher risk of electrical fires, if they ignore the indications that they need electrical replacement services. Get the assistance you require from the qualified electricians at Montani Mechanical Group today.

Our staff is expertly qualified to handle almost any electrical replacement request. Our team will quickly take care of the electrical replacement needs in your home by providing a wide range of high-quality goods and services.

Call Montani Mechanical Group at (304) 470-4701 if you need electrical replacement service.

No Electrical Job Is Too Big or Too Small

We understand the meaning of quality work that’s meant to last. We make sure to do it right!

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The need for emergency electrical replacement services can be indicated by a number of different signs. If you notice the following in your home, it's time to call in a professional:

  • Damaged/torn wires.
  • Outlets and switches with scorch marks.
  • Breakers tripping often.
  • Smoke coming from a plug or a device.
  • Lighting that is being dimmed.
  • Sloppy connections.
  • Pest damage.
  • Your outlets, switches, or appliances are making popping, crackling, or buzzing noises.

Call your Montani Mechanical Group electricians right away at (304) 470-4701 to set up service, especially in situations where smoke, scorch marks, and strange sounds are present. These warning signs can be extremely dangerous and should only be handled by a qualified professional.


Scheduling electrical replacement services in your house has additional advantages besides preventing catastrophic damage from an electrical fire, such as:

  • Increased service capacity to ensure the smooth operation of all electrical appliances and equipment.
  • Improved energy efficiency.
  • Reduced electricity costs on a monthly basis.
  • Better electrical performance.
  • Improved electrical equipment dependability.
  • You can avoid the possibility of going without power, experiencing an electrical fire, or harming your appliances and electrical devices by replacing your outdated electrical equipment right away.


Nearly any request for electrical replacement can be handled by our skilled electricians at Montani Mechanical Group with the aid of their equipment. In order to offer you quick, effective replacement services for the following components, our team can quickly assess your home's electrical needs.

  • Rewiring a house.
  • Replacement of the entire-home generator.
  • Swapping out the electrical panel.
  • Replacement of the switch and outlets.
  • Replacement for a ceiling fan.
  • Change to LED lighting.
  • Replacement for outdoor lighting.

Electrical Repair FAQs

  • Can I do the electrical work myself?

Electrical systems carry a high risk of electrocution, fire, and other dangers for those without the necessary training and knowledge. Homeowners might be able to safely fix some electrical issues, like resetting breakers or changing bulbs, but most of the other electrical work should be left to a professional electrical contractor, like Montani Mechanical Group. We offer service to Charleston, Hurricane, Huntington, and Southern West Virginia, and we can take care of all your electrical requirements, even urgent replacement and repairs.

  • My lights flicker on and off; why is that?

Your home may need a new bulb or the light fixture may be broken if it only affects one or two fixtures. If an entire room or your house is affected, there might be more serious issues with your electrical system, such as overloaded circuits, damaged wiring that is arcing, loose terminals, or broken breakers.

  • What should I do if my breaker keeps tripping?

Remove one device at a time from the circuit if the breaker trips even after you have reset it several times to rule out the possibility of overloads or broken appliances. Call Montani Mechanical Group for electrical repairs if you can't identify the issue and the circuit keeps tripping. There could be more serious electrical issues present, such as faulty outlets or damaged wiring.

  • Exactly what qualifies as an electrical emergency?

Day or night, electrical issues can arise at any time. It can be inconvenient and possibly more expensive to call an electrician in the middle of the night, early the next morning, or during the weekend. You can frequently wait until the following business day for minor issues like a broken outlet, a faulty switch, or a broken ceiling fan. However, you should contact Montani Mechanical Group immediately if the issue is more serious. You might need emergency electrical replacement services or repairs if you see arcing or sparking close to outlets or breakers, smell smoke or burning plastic, experience a complete power outage, or notice your lights flickering. Similarly, if a family member is dependent on medical equipment like an oxygen tank or CPAP machine, you should contact Montani Mechanical Group immediately for efficient electrical repairs. Contact us right away if you need assistance with any other electrical issues.

There is no better team than Montani Mechanical Group to handle all of your electrical replacement needs, from ceiling fan replacement to home rewiring and everything in between. Our team will identify your home's electrical problems quickly and easily using the most cutting-edge tools and methods in the industry to give you improved performance, efficiency, and safety. Don't ignore the need for new electrical wiring in your house. To schedule electrical work for your home, call (304) 470-4701 right away.