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Many common risk factors could land you in your basement at 3 a.m. with duct tape and a prayer, frantically attempting to patch up your burst pipe. Montani Mechanical Group is here to provide a more viable solution. We are the go-to company in Charleston, Hurricane, Huntington, and Southern West Virginia for quick, cost-effective, and professional frozen or burst pipe repair.

Got an Emergency? We can help! An emergency plumber is available around the clock.


In Charleston, Hurricane, Huntington, and Southern West Virginia, heavy precipitation and severe cold account for most burst pipe repair needs. During winter, temperatures frequently dip below freezing. 
Broken Pipes After Heavy Rains & Melted Snow.
Heavy rains after a long dry spell mean shifting grounds and increased pressure on pipes. Why? Because the earth that has lost a lot of moisture is suddenly deluged with huge amounts of water, which causes rapid expansion. This expansion means pipes are squeezed — and brittle pipes will burst.

Here at Montani Mechanical Group, we can’t control the weather, but we can help you prevent costly repairs. An annual inspection of your pipes conducted by our experts before the start of the rainy season will greatly reduce the likelihood of you facing a bill for burst pipe repair or broken pipe replacement.


Frozen & Burst Pipes from Freezing Temperatures 

Long stretches of extreme cold (common in West Virginia) can cause pipes to freeze, leading to reduced water flow to your fixtures, along with visible leaks, holes, and pipe deformities. Frozen pipes can burst at any time and are hazardous to your home’s structural integrity. That’s why Montani Mechanical Group is available 24/7 for emergency frozen or burst pipe repairs.



Metal water pipes are susceptible to corrosion. Corrosion can cause pipe damage in two main ways. First, the corrosion weakens the pipes and lowers the maximum pressure they can withstand. Corrosion also clogs the pipes, which increases water pressure.


Ground Movements & Shifting Soils 

Ground movements can damage buried plumbing pipes. Shifting soils or earth tremors are classic examples. For example, water can saturate the ground after a heavy rainfall or flood. The soil below a pipe might sink and cause the pipe above it to follow suit.

In most cases, you can’t do anything to prevent earth movements since they are mostly natural events. However, proper drainage can prevent flooding and related soil movements. In case you suspect earth movements, have Montani Mechanical Group inspect the pipes for damage.


Aging Pipes & Plumbing

All plumbing systems age and deteriorate with time, even though some age slower than others. Older pipes tend to be weaker than relatively new pipes, causing them to be vulnerable to damages that they might have endured when new. Simply due to old age, your water pipes might burst without warning. Fortunately, Montani Mechanical Group has the skills, experience, and equipment to take care of your plumbing issues 24/7.

Keep our info handy! Call us at (304) 470-4701 and save our online booking link for those dreaded midnight plumbing emergencies.


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